Finding Balance and Improving Diabetes.

Living with type 1 diabetes can be physically and emotionally draining. Diabetes is regularly at the forefront of my mind and is something that I can never escape from, despite my great efforts to do so during the early stages of my diagnosis. Running has allowed me to channel any negative energy in a positive way, especially whilst I struggled to come to terms with the sudden lifestyle change associated with diabetes. However, I’ve often avoided change in my training and eating habits resulting in a rigid routine. Recently I’ve committed to a more flexible approach towards running and my lifestyle in general.

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Twelve Weeks of Marathon Training Completed. Let the Taper Commence.

During 2016, I’ve run well in excess of 1000 miles. The mileage that I’ve completed has allowed me to build a very strong endurance base that I believe will serve me well in 11 days time, when I run my fourth marathon. The previous three weeks have seen me ease back the weekly mileage (74, 72, 71 miles, respectively) in order to prevent any severe occurrences of fatigue in the final weeks of training. This approach has allowed me to enjoy my training as the marathon edges closer. In comparison to my preparation for previous marathons, I’m running more freely. I have complete trust in my training and preparation which is allowing me to approach the race with confidence and free of pressure. Continue reading

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Three Weeks of Hard Training, a Couple of Long Runs, and a New Personal Best.

Running a marathon is painful and the process is very physically and psychologically demanding. At certain stages of the training programme, especially when things get tough, it is easy to question the value of punishing yourself on a daily basis. The ability to move forward in the face of adversity is what often separates the strong from the weak. Progress can seem simple when things are going smoothly, and likewise, in moments of difficulty quitting can be viewed a simple solution. Whether this be in training or competitive races, it’s important that we avoid the later. Preparing ourselves for the physical demands of competition is widely recognised, but in my opinion psychological preparation is as vitally important and should not be underestimated. Continue reading

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The Village Bakery Half Marathon – Second Place (1:09:52)

After three weeks of solid training following a poor performance at the Essar Four Villages half marathon, I was quietly confident of running well at the Village Bakery half marathon. Although I approached the race without intentionally putting any pressure on myself to run a specific time, I knew that a good performance would provide me with confidence going into a heavy three-week training cycle. I had purposely reduced my weekly mileage slightly in comparison to previous weeks, but I was still however, scheduled to run 85 miles for the week. My legs have been responding well to considerably high mileage so racing hard wasn’t going to be a problem. Continue reading

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Marathon Training With Type 1 Diabetes. Three Weeks of Hard Training and an Improvement in the Control of my Diabetes.

The control of my diabetes during the previous three weeks has been excellent, and this has made training much more manageable. I have relocated to the countryside and I’m currently enjoying my training more than ever. For a long time, I’ve known that my weakest aspect of running was on the hills. However, being based in Manchester made it difficult for me to improve my weaknesses. I’m now regularly running on hillier routes with more than three times the typical elevation that I’d usually encounter in Manchester. Continue reading

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Marathon Training With Type 1 Diabetes. A Hard Week of Training Finished With a Half Marathon.

Although my training and weekly mileage was fairly solid during my second week of marathon training, my performance at the Essar Four Villages Half Marathon was below my expectations. However, after reflecting on my performance, I believe a number of factors contributed to me running almost four minutes slower than I hoped too run. Firstly, my blood sugar levels were higher than I hoped for on the morning of the race. Secondly, the weather conditions were dreadfully cold, and finally, I’d probably run a few too many miles during the week of the race. Continue reading

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Marathon Training With Type 1 Diabetes – 100 Days to a Sub 2:20 Marathon.

After 12 weeks of considerably easier training, I’m feeling refreshed and ready for my next phase of marathon training. Immediately after running 2:24:35 at the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon, I committed to a period of reduced weekly mileage with more focus on developing my speed. To best prepare myself for a sub 2:20 challenge at Greater Manchester Marathon, I’ve decided on a 14 week phase of marathon training. Understandably, this will be very physically demanding but it will allow me to experiment with my race strategy during long distance training runs, something I haven’t done enough of when preparing for previous marathons. Continue reading

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